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Homemake Colored Tofu

Material: 500g soybeans, 200g spinach, proper amount of edible oil, salt, distilled vinegar and brine. Different fruits and vegetables can be

used for making colored tofu. Spinach is selected as an example as followed:

How to make:

Soak soybeans in water for six to ten hours;

Clean spinach and cut it into 1cm segments;

Put the segments into the Slow Juicer for juicing;

Place the soybeans and proper water into the Slow Juicer to make soybean milk;

Place the soybean milk and spinach juice into a big pot and add a spoon of oil and a spoon of vinegar;

Add some brine to the soybean milk mixture drop by drop and stir the mixture in one direction gently;

Judge the dosage of brine with eyes;

When the soybean milk starts to see flocculent precipitates, place cotton gauze on the

hollow-out moulds, poor the tofu jelly made last step into the moulds and place some heavy

items on the moulds to squeeze out excessive water;

Pressure will squeeze out water and lead to adhesion of soybean protein;

The degree of pressure decides the degree of softness and hardness of tofu;

When the tofu takes shape and turns hard, colored tofu is done.

Effect: Spinach can cure constipation and piles. In addition, it can help boost health, avoid aging and prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

Spinach is rich in vitamin C and folic acid, which is an ideal food for iron-deficiency anemia patients. The dietary fiber in spinach can help relax the bowels effectively.

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