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Simple Fashion Art Taste

Rice Milk Pumpkin Soap

Material: 1/2 small pumpkin, 1 table spoon of rice and 200ml water.

How to make:

Pumpkin cleaned, cut into small bars and put into the Slow Juicer to make pumpkin puree and juice;

Place the foam on the top of the pumpkin juice in a clean container;

Use the Slow Juicer to add water to the rice, stir it and create rice milk;

Pour the rice milk and pumpkin juice into a pot over big fire and constantly stir the mixture until it gets thick enough;

Filter the mixture (if you prefer);

Filtered rice milk soap is exquisite with good smell, which is the best dietary supplement for infants and babies.

Effect: This dish can strengthen the middle warmer, benefit vital energy, reduce phlegm and help with apocenosis.

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