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Chinese Chestnut Osmanthus Cake

Material: 500g raw Chinese chestnuts, a little salt, 10g powdered agar and a little osmanthus.

How to make:

Raw Chinese chestnuts peeled and soaked in water;

Slice them when they turn soft and put them into the Slow Juicer with a little water for juice-residue separation;

Place some powdered agar into the chestnut juice, stir evenly, put in a deep container and spread some osmanthus on the juice;

Place the mixture in the room for half a day or place it in the fridge for four hours before serving.

Effect: Cooked Chinese chestnut can warm stomach and invigorate spleen and relieve insufficiency of the

spleen. Grind steamed chestnuts into powder and make it into chestnut cakes suited for children who have poor

appetite and are in poor health. Chestnut cakes can help these children increase appetite and coordinate

intestines and stomach. Gruel made with polished round-grained rice and Chinese chestnuts can help

chronic diarrhea patients who have deficiency-cold in spleen and stomach get well soon, which is also a

proper dietary formula for aged people who suffer dyspepsia, deficiency of vital energy and weakness.

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