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Cheese Omelet

Material: 2 eggs, 150g broccoli, 150g carrot, 5g shredded cheese, proper amount of salt and edible oil.

How to make:

Clean the broccoli and carrot, cut them into small pieces and put them into the Slow Juicer for juice-residue separation;

Put the residue aside for later use;

E彩票网站 Place two eggs in a bowl, add some salt and stir them;

Add the broccoli and carrot residue to the eggs and stir them evenly;

Place the egg mixture into a saucepan with edible oil inside and add some shredded cheese;

When the omelet is in shape and turns golden, roll it and cut it removing it out of the pan.

Effect: Broccoli is cool in nature and sweet in taste, which can reinforce kidney to replenish essence,

develop brain and strengthen bones. It is mainly used for treating diseases including weakness due to

chronic diseases, weakness of limbs, tinnitus, amnesia, weakness of the spleen and the stomach and

developmental retardation of children. Broccoli can also promote metabolism and clear liver.

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